Monday, March 7, 2011

Ted Talks...Seriously good!

I have been following the Ted Talks for a few years now, catching the videos when I can, because they rock.  If you haven't read up on Ted, the should because they are attempting to make people realize how community and knowledge can lead to change in the world.  REAL CHANGE...Using the internet to spread great ideas, rather than forward on the latest Charlie Sheen quote. I know I repost that stuff, so I thought I would give you a bit more culture too:)

One of the most recent videos/talks is given by street artist JR.  Many of you may know his work, but not his name as he rarely signs works, and is more interested in using art as a method of change on a larger scale rather than a path to his own personal bank account.  Checks it YO!

JR also makes a request/challenge at the end of his video.  Asking anyone and everyone to submit a portrait, and help create the biggest art gallery ever (ie...the world)
More info below;

Seriously...I am going to take my should too!

Also check out the rest of the Ted Talks and become super smart!

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