Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kimbra Performs Live MashUp in Studio

Found this in my wandering.  Great lil mashup by Kimbra.  

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears

Eclipse in Los Angeles

My shot of the partial eclipse from the Dodger game this past Sunday.  Great day, although I couldn't resist looking at the eclipse without protective eyewear at least once....Epic displays of nature bring out the fool in me.

Dodger Stadium, 5/20

Friday, May 11, 2012

Beasties Live Mix

Great Live Mix by Artist/Blogger Jeff Hamada of booooooom.com

Rhyming and Stealing – GLASTONBURY 94
Fluteloop – SYDNEY AUS 99
Shake Your Rump – READING 98
Slow and Low – ROSKILDE 98
High Plains Drifter – LORELEY GERMANY 98
Get It Together – BRASS MONKS SAN FRAN 96
Alright, Hear This – GLASTONBURY 94
So Watcha Want – READING 98
Skills To Pay The Bills – WEMBLEY LONDON 99
It’s The New Style – LORELEY GERMANY 98
Time To Get Ill – READING 98
Intergalactic – SYDNEY AUS 99
Three MC’s and One DJ – LORELEY GERMANY 98
Somethings Got to Give – SYDNEY AUS 99
Sabotage – GLASTONBURY 94

Rocking it is, share and credit if you enjoy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Great photos and video of some recent science/space based stuff.  1st we had a SuperMoon last friday and there are some amazing shots out there, but one of my favorites might be by Dutch Astronaut AndrĂ© Kuipers from SPACE.  It looks like a jelly fish in water, but rather its the Moon visually hitting Earths upper atmosphere and thus looking squished.  Check it out below and the link to see a TON more cool shots of the supermoon.

and then I found this cool video of American Astronaut Don Pettit playing with water on some computer speakers...in SPACE....Cool video about the lack of gravity and how water reacts to the sound vibrations...Checks it

Yep I like science too:)

Maurice Sendak and Inspirational Passings

With MCA/Adam Yauch passing last week, and now Maurice Sendak today, I am truly saddened to see the truth of life and death brought so much to the forefront.  I was a huge fan of both.  Beastie Boys was the soundtrack to a part of my childhood and Where the Wild Things will always be a book I look to for  joy and inspiration.  I am sad to see such great American artists pass.  

Here is a quick self portrait I did of myself thinking this morning about the passing of Sendak

Both will be sorely missed for their passion and honesty