Friday, March 18, 2011

My New Favorite Band! CHAPEL CLUB

Ok so I was introduced yesterday to band called Chapel Club, and since, I have not been able to put their music down.  Upon reading up on them on Wikipedia, seems these English lads have been hard at work since 2007 on this 1st full length album, Palace (which was finally released Jan 2011).  Although in 2009 they released their first single, Surfacing which right now is my favorite favorite off the album.  Also if you go to their site, they have links for the norm, facebook/myspace, but also one for HypeMachine which I checks out some of their tunes off HypeMachine, including a few nice remixes.  FIND THEM, buy their music, and check out the video below

Thanks KCRW and Lu!


  1. Yeah, I heard the song "The Shore" awhile back and really fell in love with it. Haven't had a chance to probe them any further.

  2. Ooh... even the video is rad! So super stoked that I had the stellar car-moving timing to catch them on the radio and be exposed to them. Spredin' the gospel!