Monday, November 29, 2010

Mixing of Old and New, Photos within Photos

Came upon 2 cool projects that run along similar themes. Both combine old photos reworked into present day photos. Neither is an "original" idea per say, but both are cool non-the-less and really what is original these days? So enjoy a few pics and the links to more

Sergey Larenkov, Russian Photographer
Ghosts of World War II

Jo Teeuwisse, Historical Consultant, Digital Artist
Ghosts of Amsterdam

Martin Kalanda, Slovakian Artist based in NYC with Subtle GOODNESS

I love animals.  There is just something magical about being able to connect with another living being and feel that connection back, so I must admit I am a sucker for good animal artwork.  Even those ridiculous kitten calendars I enjoy (don't tell)

Anyways, came upon this great artist, Martin Kalanda who has a mix of work, painting, drawing and so on, but it was his series of sketches surrounding animals that really caught me.  The subtle contrast, the natural world along side the industrialized world really makes for some great compositions.  Took me a second (or two...or three) to realize what was in the background among these animals.  Nice touch.

See a few pics below and check out his full site for some of his other work.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ok now that I gots you:), check out this awesome artist, Julie Heffernan Booty. 

Artnet comments that "Heffernan’s paintings consistently focus on the same thing: a full-length female nude at the center -- always the same pale, red-haired figure, a self-portrait of Heffernan herself -- draped by elaborate costumes formed of piles of fruit, flowers, birds and other refugees from classical still-lifes." 

I immediately connected with them. Their constant figure and the redistribution of classic still life objects into something more. Being a vegetarian these days, I seem to find ways to make art speak back at me about such topics...So its probably not about what I think it is, but either way super cool pieces.

 Not Dead Yet, 2010
Spill, 2007
a few more images on the PPOW gallery site here and here and one below completed this year

Great Scout Leader, 2010

Reminded me of another artist, again because in some of my own art I am working through ideas of man and animal, but Mark Ryden, another brilliant artist did a piece this year for a show called "The Gay 90's".  Check it out below, a bit more in your face, but also beautiful

Incarnation, Mark Ryden 2010

Cool Batman short by Artist Javier Olivares

Ok so it really is short, but its a cool rendition, would love to see the whole film in this style.  (Its actually a promo for the movie on Spanish TV).  So enjoys this sweet short by Javier Olivares

Google Street View Gets REAL

So I have seen many Google Street View Pictures, but this set compiled by artist Jon Rafman last year is just awesome.  Reality at its best, these photos capture a world exposed.  Some seem fake, but that could be because I am used to TV reality which is a fallacy at best.  See a few below and check out the link for the rest.  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


time seems to defy reason, yet exists to maintain it...

If you live in NYC, find the PUNCH ME PANDA...and PUNCH HIM! for me:)

ok this is just funny...and cool

Artist Nate Hillis understands the difficult times we all are facing, and to help alleviate some troubles he wanders the streets of Brooklyn allowing anyone to kick/punch the crap outta him while he is in his nifty Panda suit.  Check out a little more details on his site, and another article on My Modern Met below.

Man jailed for driving car at referee

Yep, amateur player, Joseph Rimmer has been sentenced to 24 weeks in a UK jail for attempting to run over a football (soccer) referee.  After the referee refused to award a free kick, and began to book Rimmer, he ran off the pitch and drove back on with his Range Rover. A bit ridiculous, but we all know how much the English love their football...

Full article on

Philadelphia says goodbye to the Spectrum, a little bit of sports history gone

Most people I know won't care about this, but def my family and those that have any ties back east will understand.  The Spectrum has been torn down, after years of sports awesomeness.

Dr. Julius Irving, "Dr. J" was the man when I was younger.  Everyone loved MJ, and I did too, but there was something about Dr. J that wowed me from a very young age.  Maybe because to me he was the original flyer.  When we were younger we used to go fire fly hunting through the suburbs of Phily, and our parents friends lived down the block from Dr. J.  It was awesome, but I really only remember one thing from those trips besides the fireflies.  Dr. J had a soda machine outside in his front yard.  For any young kid, this was beyond cool.  So enjoy.

Check out a lil video and the article below from ESPN

Top Ten Spectrum Moments

Monday, November 22, 2010

Freestyle Biking at its best

Danny MacAskill, a Scottish rider in this great short following him from Edinburgh back to his home on Skye Isle (yes this is a real place). Danny became famous in 2008 after he uploaded a short vid of him biking through the streets of Scotland. Within less than 24 hrs he had a over 300,000 views and was getting calls from BBC to interview him. He now leads a team of stunt riders, is sponsored by Red Bull and competes in competitions.

Not too shabby. His video was so well received then and even now because he somehow is able to translate Parkour style moves onto his bike. Watch and enjoy

check out his Youtube channel here

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Old people love John Wayne...and we should too

I need to work on my John Wayne knowledge and def need to see more of his movies, but it seems for a generation or two before us, he embodied that rough and tough don't take shit from no one attitude...and it worked...reaaaalll well.  I happened upon this awesome photographer, Aaron Huey while perusing one of my favorite daily blogs ( and a John Wayne cardboard cutout  was in one of his images that the blog was showing.  It immediately had me thinking about all types of things, my grandparents, my ex-gf, my ex-gf's father...among other things, but also a photo my brother and I took back in 2007 while in Vancouver.  So below please find Huey's photo, and mine for comparison:)  Both seem to represent a tourist visit, just in a different way. 

 via me

AND DEF check out Aaron Hueys site, SICK work, and a ton of it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Dance!

Just a simple philosophy i seem to follow...for Jo who may one day read this...and my blog:)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Russian STYLE

Cool unlicensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics from Russia.  Best part is there is no issue with TMNT fighting anyone, including the Predator, and Batman, or Shredder riding dinosaurs, or Batman hitting on April.

Funny little site, enjoy some pics below and check out the rest of the site here .  It def would help if you read/understood Russian, but the pictures do tell a compelling story.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For my favorite redhead, Sme-gerik

My friend Erik sent me a msg today just to say whud whud up Erik, anyways, while we were texting back and forth, I ended up clicking through and found myself at  A blog dedicated to red heads.  Some are fake, many are real, and it mostly contains the ladies....I knew blogs like this one existed, but it still made me giggle a bit, especially the timing of falling upon it.  (Erik is a redhead if you couldn't figure it out)

So just because, heres a few pics of some fiery goodness

I used to be obsessed with a red head 1/2 asian girl in middle school.  Erik dated her...jerk:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok so J-Electronica impresses the $H!T outta me.  And now he brought together Jay-Z, The Dream, Charlotte Gainsburg, and even some samples from John F Kennedy....

again I thank PMA for being...pretty much...amazing...seriously it should be a blog you check EVERYDAY....after mine:)

J-Electronica, Shiny Suit Theory

Whip hair...that is

Jimmy Fallon seems to suprise me ALL the time by being congrats to him

Check out this remix of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" performed by Fallon, as Neil Young and the real Bruce Springstein.  I didn't really know the original as I don't listen to Disney Radio...but the remix is quite nice.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

LIGHTBRIGHT Stop Motion I miss this toy...and my video using stop motion and light bright to make some coolness. The David Crowder Band is defined by Wikipedia as "a six-piece Christian Modern Worship band from Waco, Texas." I didn't know them, but the song is not bad at all, so lets just enjoy a cool music video and not worry about baby jesus:)  Cool effects combining the light bright and stop motion that extends beyond the frames, and then I really dig the simple moving text around the 1:45 mark.


Traveling Party; Vintage Suitcase Boomboxes

I love to travel, and I def love a good party, especially when music is involved (maybe a lil dancing).  Anyways check out this great way to keep the party moving wherever you end up.  Check out Mr Simo's site where they build custom casings and suitcases for all your retro vintage goodness needs.  Not cheap, but dammmn cool.


Drew this a few weeks before my relationship ended...the subconscious is a mysterious being.

Came upon this media clip today, thought I would post both.  Such a good song...Amazing album really, amazing album art...Enjoy, don't judge:)

Squarepusher - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Monday, November 15, 2010

And another thing

Found this to be quite amusing....hattycha cha cha


monday blues

how im feeling right now:)

(yes I am a "professional" graphic artist)

Friday, November 12, 2010


Um...yea the onesie, just got cooler, thanks to UK company One Piece .  Snuggie 2.0niner, a mix of hoddy, sweats, and jammies, these amazing comfortable new fashion statement could be the talk of the town for the holidays...or not, but either way I WANT ONE