Monday, March 7, 2011

Album Art, Where it Began and it where its GOING (Another Shepard Fairy Art SHOW!)

I love music...No let me rephrase that.  I NEED music.  And ever since I was young album covers have fascinated me.  When I was younger it was my parents records that seemed to catch my attention.  The Who's Tommy, or most Beatles records, (I mean how sick is the Sgt. Peppers cover, or Revolver?), I just loved them.  Well I learned something today that got me all excited.  See for me when I learn new things I get excited.  Call me a dork, but seriously, knowledge has always been a source of happiness for me, especially if it relates to my many interests (art and music, boom!)

So I as I said learned something new today, a great bit of info about an artist.  Have you heard of Alex Steinweiss?  Well you should considering he basically invented the album art cover.  Yep in the late 1930's he was the art director at Columbia Records and made the monumental change from plain brown uncreative covers to making it more a commonality to put art and design on album covers.  He himself designed almost a 100 covers, and really was the archetype for has come to be big business and some amazing art.

In conjuction with this I figured I would let you know about another sick art show going on this weekend.  Shepard Fairy has his 1st solo show of 2011 in Santa Monica, opening this weekend at the Robert Bergman Gallery.  Some of you were lucky enough to see my art at this gallery last summer (more like lucky me:) ), well now come see a real legend showing some sweet sweeet work.  Over 80 pieces inspired by music and 12".



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