Thursday, January 27, 2011

WHY was this Important event NOT covered by other News sources

Saw this on another blog (DeadFix) and I was amazed it didn't get more airplay. Mind you this is from 9 months ago, but still....a Sign Spinning COMPETITION...ummm yes

If you speak might help, but these moves definitely defy language:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sk8 Invisible

Loved how the video focused on the art of skating rather than a specific rider.

Inspired by: Pierre André Senizerges, founder and CEO of Sole, parent company to ES, Etnies, Emerica and a few other brands.
Directors: Nanda Fernandez Brédillard and Lucas Mancione
Music: Dj Chloe

This is the edited version, to see the whole goodness, check it out here

Friday, January 21, 2011

Great Brett Favre Spoof, especially if you know Football

My boss showed this to me...yes we can make dick jokes at work....its awesome

Enjoy the goodnessness

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Regretsy....People SELL AND BUY the darn-dest THINGS:)

Yes Ebay is full of ridiculous stuff, yes on craiglist you can find anything from a lady of the night (or day for that matter) to free trash.  But I must admit I was a little suprised to come upon Regretsy which is a site dedicated to all the ridiculous "art" people are selling and buying on Etsy.  I guess I was naive being an artist, thinking there was a level of talent/drive, something that would make it any different than any site where its  easy as cake to sell.  So on that note, I was wrong, this site is hilarious, especially for those into goofy things and crafts.  And then I saw it was part of a conglomerate of ridiculous time wasting sites (Check out the top bar of the site, where there are links to People of Walmart, LameBook, Beach Creeps, and Late Night Mistakes).  Um and now I don't have a job...or time to post on this blog, cause I am busy reading about how ridiculous our world is...Thanks internet  

You got time to waste, checks it

ps I do still have a job:)

pps....for now

Sale, Sale Sale...Clothes that is

Thought I would share some fashion info...nothing too mind blowing, but the company Need Supply Co., based out of the East Coast is having a massive sale right now.  And even better you can get an extra 20% on sale items thru this Sunday.  Just use the code "EXTRA20" at checkout. I buy clothes from these peps from time to time, great independent brands, and usually great sale items.

Ok CHECKS it, Girls and Guys clothing, shoes, accessories

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Entertaining Music Video I stumbled upon

Tonight after watching the Times New Roman video with my roommate, there was an advert for another music video on the same label (Merge).  Its from a band called Destroyer.  Its weird, kinda funny, and the song is easy to listen to...and there's a whale that flies on a balloon.

ITS HERE!!!!!!! the music video i worked on..ITS HERE!!!!

Times New Viking, No Room To Live, Directed by Pelham Johnston

Times New Viking - No Room to Live from Merge Records on Vimeo.

SECONDS 22.5-24 are mine...I know ridiculous, but the video turned out SOOOO SICK...and the song is great

I will post my full second later tonight!

Its on the front of PITCHFORK right NOW!!!! GO HERE

AHH IM GOING CRAZY THIS IS SOOO COOL (doesn't happen often i freak out like this)



Camp Cucamonga, Made for TV Movie, 1990, RAP VIDEO

I didn't see this back in 1990, but I sure do want to now

Skateboard Graphics Film, YEA Art Movies!

Another movie about another cool topic.  For about 2 weeks my roommate and I didn't have cable or internet, i know rough, but we survived with a healthy dose of video games and DVDs.  One DVD that I had forgotten I even had was American Artifact, The Rise of American Rock Poster Art.   I bought it a little less than 2 years ago when it was released, but never watched it.  My roommate peaking through what little options we had for entertainment found it last week.  It is amazing!  A really impressive look at the past and the current state of poster art.  It follows from the 60s thru the Punk scene to a more current scene where poster art actually is looked at, as ART!  Anyways I def have been on a documentary, educational movie run lately.  YOU SHOULD RENT IT!

And then I came upon this video below about skatebaord graphics which I will have to watch too...Enjoy the preview...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well rather listen to... A truly dynamic DJ, Gregg Michael Gillis, or Girl Talk (his stage/dj name) has floored me recently.  Back in the middle of November he released his 5th LP, All Day and posted it online, offering it not only free, but as individual tracks and as one long beautiful mega-song.  Since I was given it by my friend Doctor from work (Long story short, his name is Scott, my name is Scott...Doctor just worked) I can't stop listening to it.  Its been on a hard repeat in my car now for over a month.  I wanted to offer it below for your audio pleasure as a single track, because as Girl Talk mentions on his site, its meant to be heard as a single track, so who am i to f%*k with the purity of it.  In any case LISTEN...and enjoy.  If you want to download it, check out his Label site, Illegal where as I said you can find it as individual tracks, a single track, and in 2 different audio formats.  Oh and he is coming to LA in March, and there are still tix available thru LiveNation, I will most likely be there jumping around with a HUGE smile on my face:)

Girl Talk, All Day

Seriously the fact he can throw in Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon mixed with Biggie or Ludacris...BRILLIANT!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wireless Lens for a Camera...WHAT THE F??

Technology seems to be breaking trends and ideas of what is possible on a weekly basis these days.  Shown at CES 2011, The WVIL (Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) by Artefact is literally a system set to attach to a base made by Artefact or a phone where the user can detach the lens and still hold all the function controls in the base.  I know its confusing but watch the video below and check out their site, because once I got it...IT BLEW MY MIND the capabilities this will have.  Hi Res/Quality pics and you don't have to be standing behind the lens....and its mobile/can attach to a smartphone...OH JEEEEBUS

ok cool, enough geeking out for now, check out a few pics and the video, and def check out their site

Check out their official site here

via Inspix

Who Doesn't Love a lil BOOTY

"Question, what is it that everybody has, that some pirates and thieves try to Take??"


New Video from Chilly Gonzales, You Can Dance had me thinking about a classic Tribe Called Quest track (Da Booty)....Gonzales' song is from a forthcoming album, Ivory Tower set to be released Feb 2011. Its an okay song, but hard to argue with 3 min of booty and lady parts shaking:)

Video below, and Tribe song below that for a trip back to the old school.  Enjoy

Chilly Gonzales, You Can Dance, Ivory Tower 2011

Tribe Called Quest, Da Booty, The Love Movement, 1998

Monday, January 10, 2011

So Tired, Hopefully Will Pay Off

Was a long weekend, actually doing artwork.  Was asked by a friend from work to do some motion graphics for a music video his brother is directing/producing.  Was pretty damn excited when I was asked as I don't have a ton of experience/work in motion, and figured any experience would be good.  I was handed a number of crude photocopies of the screen captures from the video that I was then allowed to do whatever I wanted with.  It was awesome, but man did it take, WAYYYY longer than I expected.  Probably most work I have ever done for the least amount of output. (I did 11 frames for less than a 1 second of motion).  And all I wanted was a day more, a few days, a week to really give it those fine details, but had a 48 hr turnaround, so wasn't able to...maybe will add stuff just for myself...we will see

Either way I am super super amped to see the final project.  Wont be for awhile, will keep you posted, but below is a lil teaser image from my section.

Yes its a space man...with a cig and a shark tank behind him:)

Trying Something New, mixed feelings about Advertising in an Art Gallery

Was lead to a new Ad Campaign for KitKat by a Design Firm out of Amsterdam (UbachsWisbrun / JWT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) that left me with mixed feelings.  Although quite fresh as far as attempting to  do something new with the marketing of Kit Kat, I thought it was a bit much to bring commerical advertising into a gallery space like that.  With all the controversy that has been going lately with  prominent galleries (LA MOCA Street Art situation , and The Smithsonian in DC having issues with a Potrait Exhibition) being scared to push art that is controversial, this seems to just scream capitalism at its worse.  I may be wrong, you can form your own opinion....

enjoy...or not:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost, Hurley and Beard Hats

So we just had a major Mega Millions drawing this week.  Alas the 83 tickets we bought at work didn't really work out (ew won $6, YEA!), but year.  In any case a number of people played the numbers from the TV show Lost (4 8 15 16 23 42).  Most of them made $150 or so, and i found it funny how those associated with the show have commented about them being cursed and a bad decision to try and base luck on them.  So with this I happened upon Jose Reyes' (who played Hurley on the show) blog (which you should read, cause he is funny) and he had a lil post about the cursed winners.  While perusing his recent posts, I found one about Beard hats.  Man what a new world I just found.  I mean I kinda want one, just to have....Especially because my facial hair looks like this

so check out a few of these wonderful artsy creations, and lets all buy them and start a super exclusive fake beard mask/hat club....maybe???

Monday, January 3, 2011