Friday, October 21, 2011

Late to the party?? Black Cab Sessions

So didn't know about this, but now I you should too (if you were late as well)....
Black Cab Sessions...Musicians stripped down to accoustic the back of a London black cab.  Some really stellar performances.  A new performance by Feist is what led me to it today, but man I could spend hours listening, with a wide variety of performances from Bill Callahan to Weezer, to Daniel Johnston to Roots Manueva....Checks it out....SERIOUSLY...the English love their music...and I LOVE THEM FOR IT JUST A LIL BIT MORE

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Michael Winslow Reminds us he is STILL cooler than US

Talk show host being reminded of the truth

Appearing on a Norweigen Talk show, Michael Winslow reminds us how he is still cooler than us all. With only an acoustic guitar backup, he recreates Led Zepplin's Whole Lotta Love flawlessly.

Crealev, bringing floatation into everyday life...kinda

Sweet company producing displays and a few products using magnets to create the illusion of floating. Super cool, would love to have something like this, but the lights they produce sell for almost $ for now...I will enjoy...from afar.  Check out the links below for more info, and the Crealev page where they show a few of their products and usage.

Wednesday Morning Animated Music GOODNESS

So I came upon Amanda Palmer last year, because she released a CD of Radiohead covers performed on her "magic" ukulele, and it was...pretty magical:).  And so I was stoked to find this new video she produced for another artist, Evelyn Evelyn.  Great morning music.  Cool effect with the window drawing.  And then while searching thru other videos on Amanda Palmers Vimeo page, I came upon an animated video for the radiohead song "No Surprises"...And then I went back to Booooooom, where I found the 1st video and J Hamada (who runs Booooooom) had posted another great music animated video.  Pirates Life by We Cut Corners.  Hand drawn with markers, frame by frame...awesome...and its about PIRATES! all in all in was a good morning...Enjoy all 3...good music and good animation....goood times

Evelyn Evelyn, Have you Seen My Sister Lately
Amanda Palmer, "No Surprises" (original by Radiohead)

We Cut Corners. "Pirates Life"

via Booooooom
and via Boooooom again

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maurice Sendak to release new book and memoir!

Author Maurice Sendak, famous for Where the Wild Things Are just released a new book.  Read more about the new story and Sendak below