Monday, February 28, 2011

Just found my new workout regime, HOBO!

I watched way too too much of the slow...maybe its our tech age, our generation...but honestly, its not...its 3 hours of an award show that kills...just painful.

came upon this, this morning...looks like Jimmy Kimmel had a much better idea for how to use Oscar Actresses.

we approve

yes yes and yes

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Imagine sung by Will Ferrell & Manny Pacquiao

Because laughter is a damn damn good medicine...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No MORE DOMA...kinda

This happened earlier in the week, so a lil bit behind, but it was big big news, and worth repeating

President Obama confirms that they will not support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which limits and denies rights to same sex couples.  Originally passed in 1996, this was a good step towards equality.

Read more on Wash Post

Super Harmony

Work on super hero graphics all day...single recently...thought this was fitting...sure

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Punk Art Show at Subliminal Projects LA THIS FRIDAY!!!!

An amazing art show will be taking place at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles (Yes Shepard Fairy's gallery down the street from Dodger stadium).

The show opens this friday at 7PM, as well there will be a punk rock show in the parking lot at 9PM.  The art show is free, while the music will be $5.

Check out the info for the show on the Obey site

Its curated by a friend, Katherine Bell who is putting together amazing show after amazing show.

Features art from;
Shepard Fairy, Glen E Friedman, Edward Colver, Jenny Lens, Dave Markey, Raymond Pettibon, Jordan Schwartz, Winston Smith and others

Look up any of the above artists and you will be amazed at how much history these artists cover as well as how much of the work you recognize but didn't realize whos work it was. I mean Raymond Pettibon started Black Flag, from HERMOSA BEACH!

Seriously you don't want to miss this show

See you Friday!

Lotus Flower REMIXED

So this weekend Radiohead released their CD and a video (as I posted earlier today...look down) and then it began.

First came this which matches up quite a few times nicely by chance

Then came this which actually gets a true re-cut to further follow the song

This guy has another remix of it here for a song that I didn't played as well.

Then I found this one

and I liked that one because Thom Yorke and Axel Rose definitely went to the same dance academy as boys, because those moves don't lie

ok so theres a bunch more if you are look on youtube (or here or here and here or here)

people are funny

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trailer for "The Art of Flight" Snowboarding Film

Looks sick.  For me seeing untouched terrain and environments is one of my favorite parts to outdoor and action sports films.  This film looks to include lots of YEA, checks it

comes out later this year

Radiohead Album, King of Limbs NEW VIDEO

Radiohead released their 8th studio album this past weekend (At least the digital versions).  Its awesome.  Their music is slowly losing its hard rock edge that dominated in the 90s, but the softer stuff still works just fine for me.  Below is the music video for their 1st single, Lotus Flower.  I pre-ordered the vinyl for this album, because it supposedly comes with more than 600 pieces of artwork.  When that I arrives I will share the love.  Until then, enjoy below

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girl Talk, how about GIRL WALK!

Great project from Jacob Krupnick, with help from Kickstarter, trying to make a music video in public space to the entirity of Girl Talk's All Day.  Check the video below, and donate to make this little bit of goodness a reality!

They even had a nice Q & A with Jacob about the project

Art Defies GRAVITY

recreation of MC Escher's "Waterfalls"

Is it real?? it an illusion...??? Either way entertaining

just cause i love legos

Friday, February 4, 2011


Um so this is AMAZING...and a really awesome waste of time....each square is a specific tone. 

Its a little beat machine based on a pentatonic scale which is seen traditionally in Asian music.  Its loads of some squares and GET CRAZY

via ISO50 and SEMBO

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple Cute Ad for VW/Star Wars

Simple ad for VW, using a kid as Darth Vader...i liked it cause the kids seems UBER into his Darth Vader force attempts

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New MUSIC, CHECKS IT, BIG K.R.I.T. and 2DopeBoyz

So Im a little late to the game, but check out BIG K.R.I.T. , some good southern Hip Hop. He killed the mixtape scene last year, releasing 2 of his own (The Last King, Good Talk Vol 9), and being featured on Curren$y's album Pilot Talk and Wiz Khalifa's acclaimed mixtape, Kush and Orange Juice. Then he got scooped up by Def Jam to record his first full length album, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here . Find a great reworking of his song "Hometown Hero" featuring Grillade, a funk/RB group.

Also on that note, check out an amazing blog about Hip Hop/Rap updated about every 5 min or so.  I was just turned onto it by some friends at work, who just happen to be the hippest/knowledgeable Jewish dudes I know when it comes to Hip Hop...Thanks dudes

G-mail read my E-mail....but the night was still GOOD

Ok, so the story goes

 I try to send an email, a gmail message pops up asking if I still wanted to send the message because I hadn't added an attachment.  I paused a bit confused as I hadn't wanted or meant to add an attachment.  SO I read on, and in the this gmail message it mentions that I received this message because I had typed "please find attached" within my email and gmail was just...double-checking.  I couldn't believe that gmail had scanned my email before I even sent it and then keyed on specific words.  If they knew to double check about the attachments, did they take something ELSE???  eh doesn't matter at this point, but still caught me a lil off guard.  A lillllllll off guard.

PS: we won our soccer game

PPS I got a random awesome call from a friend tonight. 

                                            St. Barts, 2010, Me

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Song Poems...Next Trend to Hit...the 1950s...

been a bit of a blog catch up day...thanks/sorry work

"From 1900 to 2002 there has been an estimated 200,000 song-poems produced - There has yet to be a hit song among them"

Off the Charts, Independent Lens, Song Poems, PBS
A fascinating, at times unsettling, look at the strange underworld of the song-poem industry. 

Lets backtrack...Today I learned about Song Poems.  Maybe it aged me a bit for my lack of knowledge, but God Bless the Internet for making sure nothing is ever forgotten.

A Song Poem is the written word, put to music for a small fee.  It became quite popular through the mid 20th century here in the USA, with magazines and digests running ads.  Small recording studios would create the music and create records or full albums with the lyrics provided by those sent in.  Song subject matter ranges across the board, and I mean really across the board.

If you have a spare 55 min, watch the documentary PBS did on the subject because its AMAZING.  Truly a peak into a forgotten American world, it follows a number of characters within the Song Poem world.

IF YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW MIN, def watch the first 5 min, because you have to see Caglar Juan Singletary, and his song Non-Violent TaeKwonDo Troopers.    So HIGHlarious!

Sweet Transportation MUSIC

I have always had a love of Subway maps. My whole childhood we had the London Underground Route map in my house. Today, came upon this nice rework; Artist Alexander Chen turns the New York Subway into a Stringed Instrument in Conductor. Based on the actual routes, these criss crossing lines become strings to pluck and play with endless possibilities.  

Check out the video below to get a better understanding and DEF hit up the link below to see and play with the interactive version.

Just something Random and Cool, 1st Dark Skies Island in England

I didn't realize there was so much behind this, but there is actually a large organization (International Dark Skies Association, IDA) and over 300 countries, cities and states have been designated as a Dark Sky community.  Read more about it here on the Wiki site.

And now the official 1st island to get this designation was announced this week, the Channel Island of Stark, just off the south coast of England.

I think this is SUPER COOL.  I love the night sky, and the stars.  So enjoy learning:)

Article from Yahoo;

PETA...sometimes a little much...NOT THIS TIME:)


Great Ad for Superbowl and the promotion of loving Veggies:)  Great b-video video.