Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Laughing Baby Saves World!

or not, but really if this doesn't at least make u smile...something's wrong.  I am pretty sure this video has been posted and reposted quite a bit, but gosh darn it that baby makes me smile watching him get so much pleasure from a simple paper rip.  I love laughing, and friends will tell you i tend to laugh harder when others are laughing, sometimes having a hard time stopping...

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  1. I was kind of in a funk last night and I came across this video on a friends fb page and it was like an instant endorphin rush, I was laughing and smiling along with the baby. It made me think of the movie Children of Men (great movie) and how when there are no children everyone looses hope and gives in to anarchy. Kinda trippy how just the smile or laugh of a little one can cause such an overflow of emotion, pretty neat.