Tuesday, June 21, 2011


No...but yes???

iPhone case and stand

I don't have an iPhone...who is getting one:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Herbicides/Monsanto, out to get us...

Ahhh...interesting article about the effects of herbicides on our population.  It seems pretty regular these days to learn of something a large corporation is ignoring or keeping from us, but it never seems to make it any easier to swallow especially when it effects our daily lives so much.  RoundUp, the Herbicide discussed, is another subsidiary of Monsanto, which seems to be connected to too many distorted food and environment issues.  You look up anything related to Agent Orange, herbicide problems, or legal battles pertaining to food production, and Monsanto seems to be involved.  They spend millions on PR, government involvement, and lobbyists.  Just some shady dudes (and dudettes).
just saying...

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Ways to Sleep in the Day!

I love to sleep. PERIOD.  Anyone who knows me, knows not only do I love to sleep, but I can and do seem to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.  So these two examples of products definitely caught my attention on this Friday.  Click the links below each pic to read more about each product.

First we have the Pillow Tie, great simple design idea.  Just inflate, wrap, and sleep.
and then I found the Ostrich which yes is a bit more ridiculous and suspicious maybe at work...but it just looks so so comfortable:)


Like many of us young folk, I love me some street art.  1st, if you haven't gotten to the MOCA show in LA, Art in the Streets, do so before August, its well well well worth it.  The show of course is missing some important names, and maybe making other names more important than they are within the movement, but the sheer volume and history of the work shown well exceeded any of my expectations.  

Ok so to my main point.  I Love me some Aryz.  Based outta Spain, Aryz proves that graffiti is more than a  series of wall markings set to vandalize.  His work is colorful, thought provoking and amazingly detailed.  Check out a few pics and videos below and def scroll thru the few links to see a bunch more of his work.  

Super inspiring!! 

and DEF Check out the links for more goodies on his work
Aryz Personal Website
More Pics and Videos of his work

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life Cycles, Action Sports Filming at a NEW LEVEL

Ok so I know I have been action sports video crazy recently, but seriously the industry is making a huge push in cinematic and technologic advances.  Amateurs and professionals alike continue to pump out action sports films in more artistic and visually stimulating ways.  
At the end of last year Stance Films released Life Cycles, a film that does just that.  The film took 7 years to produce and it paid off.  Following examples from nature and landscape filming, they took it to the next level with cameras, zip lines, jib rigs and many other sweet techniques.  I haven't seen the whole film thru, but I def plan on it soon.  Check out the trailer below and let me know if anyone has seen it.

To read more about the technical side of this film check out this article from Wired
Wired - Life Cycles Tech
or to find out more about the film check the link below

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pinball Skatepark in New Zealand, Thanks Mountain Dew!

Check out this sweet sweet skatepark built in New Zealand to promote Mountain Dew's new flavors...Best part is the whole thing works like a real pinball machine with lights, score, multiball and ALL!
and the making of
via Inspix

1st Reasonably Priced 3D Printed Piece of Clothing

A ladies Bikini...ahhh yea, check out the pics and the link below to read about this innovative new way to create clothing.  
3D printing has been blowing up over the last few years in a number of big fields, but it has been slow with fashion as fabric is not something easily replaceable.  Its created using a special type of Nylon and a complex pattern of overlapping circles.  The site even claims its "the first bikini that actually becomes more comfortable when it gets wet."
Pretty NIFTY!
Check out more details below;

Sweet Slow Mo BMX Vid, "Pi"

Check out this great artistic BMX video with some awesome slow mo work, good music, and just great overall feeling.  Check out the vimeo link below to see details of camera and shutter speed used.  WORD

by Thomas Blanchard
Music by Niklas Aman

Found via Vimeo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Animation short about the Art and Food

Enjoy "Dripped" this tongue and cheek animation created by Chez Eddy, directed by Leo Verrier.  Great music, by Pablo Pico.  Watch as a robber of famous paintings eats the paintings to stay alive.

via Fubiz

Man was Cured of the HIV?? Studies continue

Interesting article in NY Times Magazine about Timothy Brown who was diagnosed with HIV back in the early 2000's only to be cured, yes cured of it by 2010.  Studies continue, and it seems the science community has been slow to accept it, but its hopeful and has forced many to reevaluate the virus.  Read the article below to find out more on how it was possible.

Being Truly Bilingual can lead to better functioning as an Elder Person!

Check out the article below about the amazing benefits of being bilingual.  As the article mentions, this doesn't include the few years we all took Spanish in high school, but people who use at least 2 languages on a regular basis seem to tap into parts of the brains others are not able to.  Even those with a pre-disposition for Alzheimers seem to be able to push back the effects of the disease longer than those monolingual patients, and that is super exciting.  Pretty encouraging stuff, time to get that Rosetta Stone YO!