Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Autism, and Our Ignorance

About a week behind on this one, but worth the repost;

I have had many friends work with children of ranging advantages and disadvantages over the years.  Its always great to see people step out of their comfort zone to help others.  On that note, my friend Pete Brook (who runs an amazing blog on Prison Photography...and yes I will be plugging him every couple of weeks or more if he keeps posting awesome stuff...and he DOES!) posted this video and a quote that really touched me.  I love being able to disrupt my perception, forced to consider a new reality, and this video and the others Amanda Baggs posts with a brief explanation gave me a great little insight into a life experience most know very little about.  Watch the video, check out her Wiki page and get learn-ed

"I find it very interesting by the way that failure to learn your language is seen as a deficit but failure to learn my language is seen as so natural." -AM Baggs

via P Brook and IHeartPhotography, Thanks Pete, loved this one

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