Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wikileaks...join the discussion...educate

everyone is talking about wikileaks...well many of my friends don't care, but most people interested in world politics and life, outside beautiful sunny california; are talking about this in some form. My friend Pete Brook and his blog, Prison Photography has become quite the knowledge base for prison rhetoric, but also good news stories and info on the web in general.  So I was happy to see him mention a few pieces about the madness that has become Wikileaks.  I say madness because its a bit like we are chasing our tail with this story.  Not sure who is leading and who is following...but on that note, he lead me to a great article on the subject, and you should read it.

Check it, written by David Campbell.  Pete highly recommends it, which in turn means I DOUBLE highly recommend it because Pete is smart...and on top of things.  Take 15 min and educate yourself...I def believe in free speech, and transparency, and not vilifying someone who speaks out against a country.

by David Campbell

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