Monday, December 20, 2010

Skiing, and Flying...and Fathers...

Last night I found myself hooked to the TV watching a documentary about a family of skiers/mountaineers and the danger that comes with it.  It starts by following Trevor Peterson and his adventures and eventual demise at the hands of Chamonix Mountain in France/Switzerland/Italy (yes it boarders all 3 countries).  But the best part is the movie continues, with his son, Kye, as he grows,  and as a crew of Legends (Glen Plake, Stephane "FanFan" Dan, Ansele Baud, and many others) in the ski world take him under their wing and bring him back to the mountain that took his fathers life.  It was a brilliant coming of age story for anyone, even those that don't ski (I don't ski).  Below is the trailer, seriously a beautiful movie.  Originally based on a book by Bill Kerig, who then helps to create this great film version.

Edge of Never, 2009
Bill Kerig

I think because it dealt with the death of a father I really connected with the film. My own father passed away 7 years ago (Exactly 7 years in 1 week...) Also because I have a love of action sports thanks to a great photographer (Bo Bridges) that took me under his wing for a few years when I was just starting out my design career. It was really interesting to see Kye face this mountain that took his fathers life. Got to me, as do almost any father, son stories...

I drew this in my moleskin as 
I was watching the film. Pics 
not great...its late, will try to 
replace tomorrow. Gonna try 
and put a little more me in this 
blog moving forward.

But don't just watch the trailer, 
go see the movie...It was great

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