Friday, December 17, 2010

Video games Part Duex

(not my friends father....or is???)

Ok so I had to post this after a friend (Thanks Charlotte!) led me to it, and mentioned her father was involved in it...didn't get too much detail on how he was involved....but in some ways it doesn't matter, the video really defines early MTV...awesome...made me smile....

On a semi non-related side note; So I turned 29 last week....yes thank you....and this has def got me thinking how the 90s has become hip again...Maybe so, maybe not, but it def makes me feel old when the 90s are coming back in fashion, design, and with the young kids....I mean some of these kids were only born in the comeback.  Just an observation.  Can't wait for a few more years when we can all look back at this time, and laugh at the madness of our lives.   

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  1. hahahaha.... that was SO not my dad! but he is in the video.... when it shows the band he's up front doing the video game motions.... but not the one with the beard.

    glad you liked it. it played on mtv in their first year. neat.