Monday, January 10, 2011

So Tired, Hopefully Will Pay Off

Was a long weekend, actually doing artwork.  Was asked by a friend from work to do some motion graphics for a music video his brother is directing/producing.  Was pretty damn excited when I was asked as I don't have a ton of experience/work in motion, and figured any experience would be good.  I was handed a number of crude photocopies of the screen captures from the video that I was then allowed to do whatever I wanted with.  It was awesome, but man did it take, WAYYYY longer than I expected.  Probably most work I have ever done for the least amount of output. (I did 11 frames for less than a 1 second of motion).  And all I wanted was a day more, a few days, a week to really give it those fine details, but had a 48 hr turnaround, so wasn't able to...maybe will add stuff just for myself...we will see

Either way I am super super amped to see the final project.  Wont be for awhile, will keep you posted, but below is a lil teaser image from my section.

Yes its a space man...with a cig and a shark tank behind him:)

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