Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well rather listen to... A truly dynamic DJ, Gregg Michael Gillis, or Girl Talk (his stage/dj name) has floored me recently.  Back in the middle of November he released his 5th LP, All Day and posted it online, offering it not only free, but as individual tracks and as one long beautiful mega-song.  Since I was given it by my friend Doctor from work (Long story short, his name is Scott, my name is Scott...Doctor just worked) I can't stop listening to it.  Its been on a hard repeat in my car now for over a month.  I wanted to offer it below for your audio pleasure as a single track, because as Girl Talk mentions on his site, its meant to be heard as a single track, so who am i to f%*k with the purity of it.  In any case LISTEN...and enjoy.  If you want to download it, check out his Label site, Illegal where as I said you can find it as individual tracks, a single track, and in 2 different audio formats.  Oh and he is coming to LA in March, and there are still tix available thru LiveNation, I will most likely be there jumping around with a HUGE smile on my face:)

Girl Talk, All Day

Seriously the fact he can throw in Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon mixed with Biggie or Ludacris...BRILLIANT!

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