Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost, Hurley and Beard Hats

So we just had a major Mega Millions drawing this week.  Alas the 83 tickets we bought at work didn't really work out (ew won $6, YEA!), but year.  In any case a number of people played the numbers from the TV show Lost (4 8 15 16 23 42).  Most of them made $150 or so, and i found it funny how those associated with the show have commented about them being cursed and a bad decision to try and base luck on them.  So with this I happened upon Jose Reyes' (who played Hurley on the show) blog (which you should read, cause he is funny) and he had a lil post about the cursed winners.  While perusing his recent posts, I found one about Beard hats.  Man what a new world I just found.  I mean I kinda want one, just to have....Especially because my facial hair looks like this

so check out a few of these wonderful artsy creations, and lets all buy them and start a super exclusive fake beard mask/hat club....maybe???

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