Thursday, January 20, 2011

Regretsy....People SELL AND BUY the darn-dest THINGS:)

Yes Ebay is full of ridiculous stuff, yes on craiglist you can find anything from a lady of the night (or day for that matter) to free trash.  But I must admit I was a little suprised to come upon Regretsy which is a site dedicated to all the ridiculous "art" people are selling and buying on Etsy.  I guess I was naive being an artist, thinking there was a level of talent/drive, something that would make it any different than any site where its  easy as cake to sell.  So on that note, I was wrong, this site is hilarious, especially for those into goofy things and crafts.  And then I saw it was part of a conglomerate of ridiculous time wasting sites (Check out the top bar of the site, where there are links to People of Walmart, LameBook, Beach Creeps, and Late Night Mistakes).  Um and now I don't have a job...or time to post on this blog, cause I am busy reading about how ridiculous our world is...Thanks internet  

You got time to waste, checks it

ps I do still have a job:)

pps....for now

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