Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Song Poems...Next Trend to Hit...the 1950s...

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"From 1900 to 2002 there has been an estimated 200,000 song-poems produced - There has yet to be a hit song among them"

Off the Charts, Independent Lens, Song Poems, PBS
A fascinating, at times unsettling, look at the strange underworld of the song-poem industry. 

Lets backtrack...Today I learned about Song Poems.  Maybe it aged me a bit for my lack of knowledge, but God Bless the Internet for making sure nothing is ever forgotten.

A Song Poem is the written word, put to music for a small fee.  It became quite popular through the mid 20th century here in the USA, with magazines and digests running ads.  Small recording studios would create the music and create records or full albums with the lyrics provided by those sent in.  Song subject matter ranges across the board, and I mean really across the board.

If you have a spare 55 min, watch the documentary PBS did on the subject because its AMAZING.  Truly a peak into a forgotten American world, it follows a number of characters within the Song Poem world.

IF YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW MIN, def watch the first 5 min, because you have to see Caglar Juan Singletary, and his song Non-Violent TaeKwonDo Troopers.    So HIGHlarious!

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