Wednesday, February 2, 2011

G-mail read my E-mail....but the night was still GOOD

Ok, so the story goes

 I try to send an email, a gmail message pops up asking if I still wanted to send the message because I hadn't added an attachment.  I paused a bit confused as I hadn't wanted or meant to add an attachment.  SO I read on, and in the this gmail message it mentions that I received this message because I had typed "please find attached" within my email and gmail was just...double-checking.  I couldn't believe that gmail had scanned my email before I even sent it and then keyed on specific words.  If they knew to double check about the attachments, did they take something ELSE???  eh doesn't matter at this point, but still caught me a lil off guard.  A lillllllll off guard.

PS: we won our soccer game

PPS I got a random awesome call from a friend tonight. 

                                            St. Barts, 2010, Me


  1. Check out the adverts in gmail next time. They parse through every message and pick out key words to personilze their marketing. A little discomforting.

    P.S. yea we did

  2. well done, you super soccer pros.

    and i too FREAKED out a wee bit the first time it did that.... but i so frequently forget to attach things that it's kinda helpful.

    and totes to what jason said, the adverts are kinda crazy.... but that happens on other sites too.... crazy internet.