Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Punk Art Show at Subliminal Projects LA THIS FRIDAY!!!!

An amazing art show will be taking place at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles (Yes Shepard Fairy's gallery down the street from Dodger stadium).

The show opens this friday at 7PM, as well there will be a punk rock show in the parking lot at 9PM.  The art show is free, while the music will be $5.

Check out the info for the show on the Obey site

Its curated by a friend, Katherine Bell who is putting together amazing show after amazing show.

Features art from;
Shepard Fairy, Glen E Friedman, Edward Colver, Jenny Lens, Dave Markey, Raymond Pettibon, Jordan Schwartz, Winston Smith and others

Look up any of the above artists and you will be amazed at how much history these artists cover as well as how much of the work you recognize but didn't realize whos work it was. I mean Raymond Pettibon started Black Flag, from HERMOSA BEACH!

Seriously you don't want to miss this show

See you Friday!

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