Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Philadelphia says goodbye to the Spectrum, a little bit of sports history gone

Most people I know won't care about this, but def my family and those that have any ties back east will understand.  The Spectrum has been torn down, after years of sports awesomeness.

Dr. Julius Irving, "Dr. J" was the man when I was younger.  Everyone loved MJ, and I did too, but there was something about Dr. J that wowed me from a very young age.  Maybe because to me he was the original flyer.  When we were younger we used to go fire fly hunting through the suburbs of Phily, and our parents friends lived down the block from Dr. J.  It was awesome, but I really only remember one thing from those trips besides the fireflies.  Dr. J had a soda machine outside in his front yard.  For any young kid, this was beyond cool.  So enjoy.

Check out a lil video and the article below from ESPN

Top Ten Spectrum Moments

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