Saturday, November 20, 2010

Old people love John Wayne...and we should too

I need to work on my John Wayne knowledge and def need to see more of his movies, but it seems for a generation or two before us, he embodied that rough and tough don't take shit from no one attitude...and it worked...reaaaalll well.  I happened upon this awesome photographer, Aaron Huey while perusing one of my favorite daily blogs ( and a John Wayne cardboard cutout  was in one of his images that the blog was showing.  It immediately had me thinking about all types of things, my grandparents, my ex-gf, my ex-gf's father...among other things, but also a photo my brother and I took back in 2007 while in Vancouver.  So below please find Huey's photo, and mine for comparison:)  Both seem to represent a tourist visit, just in a different way. 

 via me

AND DEF check out Aaron Hueys site, SICK work, and a ton of it.

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