Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ok now that I gots you:), check out this awesome artist, Julie Heffernan Booty. 

Artnet comments that "Heffernan’s paintings consistently focus on the same thing: a full-length female nude at the center -- always the same pale, red-haired figure, a self-portrait of Heffernan herself -- draped by elaborate costumes formed of piles of fruit, flowers, birds and other refugees from classical still-lifes." 

I immediately connected with them. Their constant figure and the redistribution of classic still life objects into something more. Being a vegetarian these days, I seem to find ways to make art speak back at me about such topics...So its probably not about what I think it is, but either way super cool pieces.

 Not Dead Yet, 2010
Spill, 2007
a few more images on the PPOW gallery site here and here and one below completed this year

Great Scout Leader, 2010

Reminded me of another artist, again because in some of my own art I am working through ideas of man and animal, but Mark Ryden, another brilliant artist did a piece this year for a show called "The Gay 90's".  Check it out below, a bit more in your face, but also beautiful

Incarnation, Mark Ryden 2010

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