Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life Cycles, Action Sports Filming at a NEW LEVEL

Ok so I know I have been action sports video crazy recently, but seriously the industry is making a huge push in cinematic and technologic advances.  Amateurs and professionals alike continue to pump out action sports films in more artistic and visually stimulating ways.  
At the end of last year Stance Films released Life Cycles, a film that does just that.  The film took 7 years to produce and it paid off.  Following examples from nature and landscape filming, they took it to the next level with cameras, zip lines, jib rigs and many other sweet techniques.  I haven't seen the whole film thru, but I def plan on it soon.  Check out the trailer below and let me know if anyone has seen it.

To read more about the technical side of this film check out this article from Wired
Wired - Life Cycles Tech
or to find out more about the film check the link below

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  1. Ok you have to watch this movie, it may not be the craziest of moves or locations but the cinematography and quality of the shoot is outta this world. Worth the $10 on iTunes FOR SURE!