Friday, June 10, 2011


Like many of us young folk, I love me some street art.  1st, if you haven't gotten to the MOCA show in LA, Art in the Streets, do so before August, its well well well worth it.  The show of course is missing some important names, and maybe making other names more important than they are within the movement, but the sheer volume and history of the work shown well exceeded any of my expectations.  

Ok so to my main point.  I Love me some Aryz.  Based outta Spain, Aryz proves that graffiti is more than a  series of wall markings set to vandalize.  His work is colorful, thought provoking and amazingly detailed.  Check out a few pics and videos below and def scroll thru the few links to see a bunch more of his work.  

Super inspiring!! 

and DEF Check out the links for more goodies on his work
Aryz Personal Website
More Pics and Videos of his work

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