Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phone with REAL DIGI was only a matter of time

Hey folks, well it looks like Panasonic is the first to really push the envelop with cell phone and cameras.  Just announced the Panasonic Lumix Phone 13.2 mega pixel “slider” camera phone will come equipped with a 3.3-inch VGA LCD touch screen, flash, a 27mm lens and will be be twice as thick as the iPhone measuring in at 17mm.  13 MP!!! ...most Phone camera's have 1-3MP, a few with 5MP, but NO ONE has been toying with 10+ on the consumer market, so this is a nice step for technology.  Now who knows how many other cool features this phone, how smart it is, but really do I care if I can't play bejeweled, or tweeter my life away, no cause rather I can be out enjoying it, taking pictures I will never print!  

But don't fret you get your choice of 4 colors; Blue, Black, Pink and Gold.  But do fret cause its only being released in Japan now, but it will come....oh yes they will come

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