Friday, October 1, 2010

Beer in a Bag, Dick in a B-x....I mean....

Hereeee, HEREEE, its time for a small revolution to take place.  A few years ago the alcoholic beverage industry brought us mixed drink in a pouch.  I know my friends loved the purple hooters.  And it was glorious, and we all cheered as spiked capri-sun drank dripped down our shirts.

As if that wasn't enough, now Beer has followed suit with a Beer Bag sure to get you going.  Its light, easy to move, and could actually be better for the environment ( Far less of a transportation cost and carbon footprint needed to move pouches over glass bottles.)  Its brought to us by Beverage Pouch Group and it comes with a handy twist top for easy refils.

But lets focus on whats important.  Now you can drink ANYWHERE, when they say no plastic or glass bottles, you say no problem concert security, no problem movie attendant, no

Maybe not exactly the same as Dick in a B-x, but hell, these little devils surely could lead to some dick in many many b-xes...


original via Village Voice

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